Propane or Natural Gas Hot tubs

A gas heated tub is a great option if you want to heat the water really quickly upon refilling the tub, or if you just don’t have the power for an electrically heated system.

The downside to gas is that the equipment is quite a lot more costly up front, and will likely have an energy savings pay off measured in years.

Gas heaters don’t perform well in freezing conditions due to condensation build up. If you plan to use a gas heater in the winter in a place where it freezes, you will need to build an equipment house to keep it protected.

Included Equipment:

• Tub with stainless steel hoops
• Full circle bench
• Pentair Mastertemp 125 (Specify propane or natural gas)
• 3/4 hp circulating pump (customer supplied GFCI is required)
• 100 sq. ft. cartridge filter
• All hoses, plumbing fittings are included and some have been pre-glued.
• Floating thermometer
• Insulated 4″ foam/vinyl cover with locking hold down tabs (available in 10 colours)

If you would like jets, it will require an additional pump.

You will require a certified installer for Natural Gas or Propane, or you warranty will be voided

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