Ofuro Soaking Tubs

One Person Japanese Ofuro Soaking Tub                          

One Person Oval with Lid

Inside dimensions 42″ L x 30″ W x 26″ Deep

Outside dimensions 45″ L x 33″ W x 31″ High

Accommodates one person. Approximately 120 gallons when filled

Can be used as an outdoor bath tub filled by house hot water, or choose an electric heating option listed below. The soaking tub can be used inside if paired with a tiled floor with a drain, or in a shower pan.

The support base can be removed to change total height to 30″ to fit through a doorway.

Tub comes assembled

$2,899 CAD $2,469 USD

Cedar Cover (non-insulated)

$549 CAD $469 USD

Vinyl and Foam: 3″ foam standard. 4″ available on request.   Colour options

$499 CAD $429 USD. 


Each $149 CAD $129 USD  

Cedar Equipment Box  to Cover Pump Equipment

$599 CAD $499 USD

2 Person Japanese Ofuro Soaking Tub  

Inside Dimensions  64″ L x 34″ W x 26″ Deep

Outside Dimensions 67″ L x 36.5″ W x 31″ Tall

Accommodates two people.

Approximately 120 gallons when filled

Use as an outdoor or indoor wood soaking tub.  Can be filled via a tankless hot water heater or large hot water tank for single use, or choose an electric heating option to keep it ready to use.  Can also be paired with a wood heating option.

If to be used inside, it must be in a wet area with an impervious floor with a drain; or in a shower pan. The tub will leak when first used.

Tub $3,499 CAD $2,999 USD

Cedar Cover (non-insulated)

$699 CAD $599 USD

Vinyl and Foam (insulated)  9 colour options

$549 CAD $469 USD. 


Each $149 CAD $129 USD  

Cedar Equipment Box  to Cover Pump Equipment

$599 CAD $499 USD

4ft dia. bench detailRound Ofuro Soaker Tub

Comes in two depths and is constructed of clear vertical grain western red cedar with stainless steel hoops. Comes equipped with 3 sided bench.

The 4′ diameter tub is great for home spas in the style of the Japanese Onsen. It is simple and elegant.

4×3 Tub 

External dimension: 48′ dia. x 37′ high

Internal dimensions 45″ dia. x 32″ deep

$3849 CAD $3,269 USD

4×4 Tub

External dimensions: 48″ dia x 49″ high

Internal dimensions: 45″ dia x 43″ high

$4,149 CAD $3,549 USD

Tubs will accommodate 2 people and come with a 3-sided bench and drain.


Electric Heat and FiltrationSystem for Soaking Tubs


  • Gecko YE 5 Spa Pack This Spa Pack can be wired to provide 4 kW heat (240v with 30 Amp GFCI) or 1 kW of heat (120v with 15 amp GFCI). When possible, we recommend wiring it to 4 kW.
  • Gecko in.k330 control pad or upgrade to the Gecko in.k800 touchscreen
  • 1/15 hp circulating pump
  • 25 sq. ft. cartridge filter

*The Spa Pack, Filter and Pump are mounted and wired together on a plywood skid, with the ports for the suction and return predrilled on the tubs. All necessary equipment is included. 

You will be required to glue several joints together to complete assembly. To do so, you will use the included glue and primer. You will require an electrician to wire the system into your home. *

$2,199 CAD $1,869 USD

Wifi Module

Gecko in.touch wifi module.

  • Allows you to control the activities of the tub through a well designed and easy to use mobile app.
  • One half plugs into the YE 5 Spa Pack, and the other half connects plugs into your home wireless router.
  • Great for weekend cottagers. Allows you to turn up the heat several hours before your arrival, and lower the temperature when you are away.

$349 CAD  $299 USD

To Minimize Water Maintenance

Clear Blue Mineral Ionizer

Inhibits algae growth and helps to keep the water balanced with the least amount of Bromine. Reduces the level of Bromine required by up to 90%.

A very popular addition to our hot tub systems.

$599 CAD $509 USD

Mineral Cell will require replacing every few years.

Replacement cell

$149 CAD $129 USD