Forest Cooperage Workshop

Forest Cooperage’s barrel hot tubs, benches and lids are all made form the finest Canadian Western Red Cedar.

Western Red Cedar is the preferred wood species for building hot tubs because of it’s resistance to decay and its dimensional stability. We use the traditional cooperage style of construction that has been used for hundreds of years for wine vats, water cisterns and barrels.  This method of construction has truly stood the test of time.

When ordering be sure to ask us for FSC certified wood.

Each tub is completely pre-assembled in the workshop.  The fitting of the staves to the circular floor disk is done to the precision of the thickness of a piece of paper. The staves are notched on an arc to perfectly match the radius of the floor disk.  Strict quality control assures the highest degree of craftsmanship.  The bench and heat shield are pre-fitted, but not fastened in. This way once you receive your tub and put it together it is a perfect fit.  The tub will leak at first for several days, but will become totally water tight.  If you want to take the tub apart you can let it dry out and it may then be disassembled.

The life expectancy of Forest Lumber barrel hot tubs will be over 20 years. There has been a documented case where a dead Western Red Cedar tree was on the ground and resisted day for over 1000 years!  The log was still in prime shape and was made into musical instrument components.

The wood stoves and stainless steel hoops are made by a local Canadian business to our specifications.

The stoves are made of marine aluminum.  We make our hoops from stainless steel because it is strong and corrosion proof.  Using a durable product such as stainless steel will not create the ugly black stains on cedar like ferrous steel.

Doing our part for the environment.

The FSC® Trademark identifies products which contain wood from well-managed forests certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council®

Rainforest Alliance sets standards for sustainability that conserve wildlife and wild lands and promote the well being of forest workers and their communities. For more information on Rainforest Alliance

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