Water Cisterns

Have been a key source of water for centuries. Around 850 BC King Mesha of Moab “… and I made two reservoirs in the midst of [Qerkhah]. Now there was no cistern in the city, so I said to all the people, “Make you every man a cistern in his house”. – From the translation in Harding: Antiquities of Jordan, 1967 p. 43.

How best can I best use my Water Cistern?

Harvesting the Rain

Water is collected or harvested from roofs of buildings via catchments such as gutters.  This water is used to supply a portion of the household water requirements.  Houses can be designed to maximize the amount of water that is collected.
Water quality may vary depending on your geographical location.  Highly populated urban centers will have more contaminants than rural water which is more pure.  The water collected can offer a source of soft, low sodium water.  Rainwater is excellent for laundry, car washing, baths, hot tubs, swimming pools, toilet flushing, irrigation and livestock.  Rainwater when filtered and treated is a good source of drinking water and water for food preparation.
There are large savings if you are paying for your current water supply. Rainwater is an excellent alternative to very expensive drilled wells.  You can waste a lot of money on a drilled well and get nothing in return!  It is better to invest your money into something that is more reliable.

Portable Water Storage
For remote locations water cisterns can be used as storage containers, which is refilled by a local water supplier.

Water Cistern – Resources

www.watertowers.com – Water Tower Information

Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting. Very informative publication and is free in pdf form.

American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association Harvest H20 – Very informative website

www.harvestingrainwater.com – Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster

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