Hot Tub Relaxation

The silence and relaxation of the age old-Japanese-style of tubbing has been around for centuries. A wide variety of medical conditions and injuries can be helped with the heat of a hot tub. Hot tubs promote relaxation and stress relief.

Arthritis suffers get relief from aches and stiffness.

Muscles are relaxed and the warm water decreases muscle tension allowing greater flexibility. Adding jets to your tub can soothe inflamed tissue and relieve pain.

Nasal and bronchial passages are opened with the rising steam off the water, helping to maintain upper respiratory health.

Tension headaches can be eased with your time in the hot tub.

The increased blood flow created by hot water can help the with diabetics who suffer from circulatory problems. Many therapists, trainers and professional sports organizations use warm-water therapy to reduce pain and improve cardio health by increasing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure.