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Heat Sources

Wood Fired

stoveForest Lumber Stove

  • Made for larger hot tubs.
  • Made of marine aluminum (same material from which commercial fish boats are made).
  • Durable, highly corrosion resistant and is an excellent conductor of heat.
  • The stove is submerged in the water so the metal never gets hot enough to cause any deterioration.
  • Four times faster than other types of heat sources. Easy to operate —just add wood with no expense of hydro.
  • One year warranty.

chofu-wood-heaterChofu Wood Burning Stove

  • Used with our smaller soaking tubs.
  • Will heat a small tub in 2 ½ hours.
  • No circulation pump is required. Heat ciculates nauturally by the thermo-siphon principle.
  • Stove is external so does not take up any room in the tub.


Our electric heat equipment packages use a state of the art Balboa VS501 heater.

  • Digital spa-side control displays temperature and operates jets.
  • Control also permits the choice of 3 different heating modes and 4 different filter cycles.
  • Built in freeze protection.

Equipment package includes:

  • 5.5 kw of heat, requiring a 40 amp, 220 volt GFCI breaker.
  • 1 ½ hp 2 speed pump built with advance technology to pump more water using less energy.
  • 50 square foot cartridge filter with by pass valve.
  • Equipment is pre plumbed, wired and skid mounted.
  • Accessory ozone and ionizer may be added to skid.

HaywardPropane or Natural Gas

Hayward Heater – Model H100

With 100,000 BTU’s of heating power the H100 is built for warmth and convenience.  Easy to install, easy to use and easy to store, the H100 is a safe addition to any backyard environment.

  • Electronic ignition eliminating the need for a pilot light.
  • Available for indoor or outdoor use (specify).
  • Specify natural gas or propane.
  • Fast hot tub heat up time.

Equipment package includes:

  • 1½ hp 2 speed pump built with advanced technology to pump more water using less energy.
  • Tub side pump speed control.
  • 50 square foot cartridge filter with by pass valve.
  • Equipment is pre plumbed, wired and skid mounted.

Doing our part for the environment.

The FSC® Trademark identifies products which contain wood from well-managed forests certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council®

Rainforest Alliance sets standards for sustainability that conserve wildlife and wild lands and promote the well being of forest workers and their communities. For more information on Rainforest Alliance

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