Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we require a 50% deposit to confirm your order. The balance is payable the week prior to shipping, when we get the shipping quote finalized.

What is the buying process

To place an order, we recommend you write to us with the details of the product you would like quoted. Please include your zip or postal code and mention any access issues that may affect delivery.

We will then email you an estimate for the product you are interested. Should you wish to confirm the order, you will notify us. We will then convert the estimate into an invoice and collect the deposit. You will not be placed in the line until the deposit is received.

We are working on a new website where this process will be more streamlined. Until then we’ll all have to suffer through our existing process.

How much is shipping and taxes?

To the USA

All of our products are duty and tax free and we cover the customs broker fee. The customer will be charged the cost of shipping. The shipping cost will be added to the invoice. Price ranges given are curb side to your residence.

East Coast  for the soaker tubs is generally $350-450. Larger hot tubs and saunas are generally $450-$900.

West Coast is $200-400 for soaker tubs. Larger hot tubs and saunas range from $400-800 for the most part.

The Middle expect to split the difference. The cost will vary depending how close you are to a shipping terminal.

Within Canada the shipping prices get higher the further you head East or North. The best pricing will be on Vancouver Island at around $200. If we ship to the far side of the Rockies, it will be $350 and up, with a cost of around $600 to get to Toronto for a typical hot tub.

Your item will come in a well constructed crate made of 3/8ths plywood. Our smallest tubs ship assembled. All other products come flat packed.

At the time of your quote, we will use the quoted rate at the time. The actual price at the time of shipping may vary from your initial quote. Usually +/- $50.

There is an additional $149 crating fee for the plywood crate the product ships in.

How much does it weigh?

The entire shipping weight of our shipments varies from 300 lbs including crate up to around 1500 lbs. The tub minus the stove and benches can be easily carried by 4 people.

How do you control the temperature with a wood fired tub?

Start out with a roaring fire until you get close to temperature 95F, then reduce the size of the fire until it reaches 102 F – 106F.

When you get to tub temperature keep a small fire going.  The fire can also be slowed down by adjusting the draft.  It is better to control temperature by fire size than by closing the damper because a build of up creosote can result.  If you go over temperature add cold water.

How long does it take to heat up?

The wood fired tub takes 3 1/2 hours to go from 40F to tub temperature 104F.  This is four time as fast as a conventional spa heater.  Remember to stir it and check the temp before you hop in!

The propane and natural gas heaters also heat very quickly. They have 100,000-125,000 BTU. That’s a lot of heating power. One BTU is the energy required to raise one pound of water one degree. The 125,000 BTU heater will heat 600 gallons from 50 to 104 degrees in 2 hours and 10 minutes. For the impatient cottage goer who wants low power use and fast heating, the propane heater is a great option. A 5′ diameter x 4′ deep tub can be heated from just above freezing to 104 degrees in less than 2 hours.

With the electric tubs it will depend on what size kilowatt heater you have and what it is set to. With a 5.5 kw heater it will take close to 16 hours to heat the same 600 gallons of water to 104 degrees. If you opt for the 4 kw heater, it would take close to 20 hours. The 4 kw heater is a better option in the 400 gallon range of tub, where it can heat the water from 50 to 104 degrees in under 14 hours.

In situations of limited electricity and you would like to use electric heat, you can wire the heater to 1.5 kw, which will heat the 2 person soaker to 104 from 50 degrees in a little over 16 hours. If you prefer a quicker heat with the 2 person oval, you can opt for the 4 kw, which will heat it to 104 in a little over 4 hours. If you want that soaking tub steaming ASAP, the 5.5 kw will get you there in 3 hours and 20 minutes.

How much wood does the wood fired hot tub require?

A moderate size wheel barrow load of DRY wood. If you use wet wood it will burn smokey and you will get a buildup inside your stove. The next day, you can get the tub going again with  a bit more wood.

Can we use salt water?

Yes, for the Wood fired. All hardware included with the tub is non-corrosive (stainless steel and aluminum) and cedar is not affected by the salt.

For the other hot tub heating types, salt water is not advised.

Does your stove and tub have a warranty?

Your total satisfaction is our goal.  The stoves and tubs have a 5 year guarantee on materials and workmanship.

Electric and gas heaters, pumps and filters are covered by specific manufacturers warranty.

Through high quality materials and craftsmanship we have built a lot of life into our tubs and stoves and normal life expectancy is 20 to 25 years.

How long till I can get one?

It’s a very busy time for us right now with current wait times estimated at 16 weeks+. (March 2021) We may be able to get it to you faster, but we can’t guarantee it!

Do you have International Dealers?

Atlier Nordic in France, and Rivera Hot Tubs in England.

How will you use my information?

We will not share you information with any 3rd parties, except as necessary for shipping and logistics, or customer service purposes. We will never sell your information. Ever.