Wood Barrel Electrically Heated Hot Tubs

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Wood Barrel or Electric Hot Tubs

customer installation 11 UKSince 1976, Forest Lumber and Cooperage LTD has been a leader in Western Red Cedar business. Enjoy the luxury of a traditional spa in a beautiful Red Cedar Wood finish, with a wood barrel hot tub from Forest Lumber and Cooperage LTD. Our hot tubs are electrically heated and perfect for summer lounging or cool autumn nights. Each of our beautiful tubs comes with exciting features, including four jets, LCD spa control, floating thermometer, and deluxe circle benches.

Wood barrel electric hot tubs or wood fired hot tubs are suited for the most remote cottage, but perfect for a suburban lifestyle as well. For more information on pricing and packages, contact Forest Lumber and Cooperage LTD today.

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The FSC® Trademark identifies products which contain wood from well-managed forests certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council®

Rainforest Alliance sets standards for sustainability that conserve wildlife and wild lands and promote the well being of forest workers and their communities. For more information on Rainforest Alliance

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