Electric Hot Tubs

customer installation 11 UKOur hot tubs are available electrically heated with the Gecko YE series spa control heater. This heater is available in either 4 kilowatt or 5.5 kilowatt versions when wired to 240v. The 4 kw heater will require a 30 amp GFCI hardwired circuit, while the 5.5 kw will require a 40 amp GFCI.

If you opt for the 4 jets, you will require a 2-speed 1.5hp pump. The jetted tubs will work with the 4kw or 5.5kw heater.

If you do not require jets, we use a 1/15hp single speed circulating pump.

The electronic display available standard is the Gecko in.k336. It is an attractive and simple spa control. If you would like a larger touchscreen display you can upgrade to the Gecko in.k1000.

In the event that you do not have access to 240v power, we can wire the Gecko YE 4kw 240v heater to 1kw 120v and pair it with a circulating pump. This pairing results in a tub that can be on a 15 amp 120v circuit. This is suitable only for the smaller soaking tubs, and will result in a heat up time of approximately 19 hours for the 2-person soaking tub, but is an excellent option for those with power issues.

Heater Information