Barrel Soaking Tubs

In addition to our handcrafted cedar hot tubs, Forest Cooperage offers premium outdoor soaking tubs. The smaller size of the Japanese soaking tubs provides the opportunity to change the water more often, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. Since soaking tubs hold less water than a hot tub, the heat-up time is shorter. 

The soaking tubs do not come with jets, so they are quiet and relaxing. The therapeutic value of these tubs lies in soaking in the hot water.  Our soaking tubs can reside indoors or outdoors.  If used indoors, a tiled floor or concrete floor with a drain or shower pan set up is necessary.  The tubs also require ventilation for any steam that builds up. Outdoor installation on a deck or patio requires no extra consideration for spilling water.

You can heat Forest Cooperage soaking tubs using one of two methods:

1. Electrically with a 1.5 kw Balboa digitally controlled heater, 50 sq. ft. filter and small 1/8 hp circulating pump. This equipment will work from a 20 amp, 110 volt GFCI wall plug.

2. f you have a large water tank or supply of solar heated water, fill the tub directly from the tap.

Shape & Style

We currently offer two different styles of soaking tubs, including our round and oval designs. Our round soaking tubs are 4 ft in diameter and either 3 ft high (32” deep) or 4 ft high (44” deep). The 4×3 design holds approximately 250 gallons while the 4×4 holds 340 gallons.  Each round tub will come with a bench to accommodate up to three people.

The oval soaking tubs provide an elegant shape for comfort similar to an extra-large bath.  This design comes in a one or two person model and has up to a 125 gallon capacity.  Two person oval soaking tubs are 64” long, 34” wide and 26” deep.  One person oval soaking tubs hold 60 gallons and measure 42″ long , 30″ wide and 26″ deep.

Soaking Tub Price list

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