Hot Tub Accessories

Clear Blue Ionizer – reduces the need for chemicals by electronically introducing copper and silver ions into the water. Complete with electronic control unit, transformer, copper silver anode, and copper silver test kit.   $599.00 CAD $479 USD

Seating shelves are recommend for the electric tubs as they hide the plumbing when the tub is installed in a corner.

They allow for the mounting of the air intakes and electronic spa control plus provide a place to get out of the water, sit and cool down.

5 ft tubs – four shelves and eight brackets covers 4/7ths circumference $699 CAD $559 USD

6 ft tubs – five shelves and ten brackets covers 5/8ths circumference $849 CAD $679 USD

7 ft tubs – six shelves and 12 brackets covers 6/10ths circumference $999 CAD $799 USD

Individual shelves with 2 brackets (can also be used as a step) $179 CAD $139 USD

Seating shelves and skirting kit 

Made by combining clear tongue and groove vertical boards and cedar shelving, the skirting kit is an elegant solution to hiding the plumbing. When paired with the the equipment box, it makes for a very tidy and convenient way of hiding the plumbing and electrical equipment. The shelves also provide a mount for the air intakes and spa control.

5 ft diameter tubs – Skirting to go 4/7ths circumference $1,599 CAD $1,279 USD

6 ft diameter tubs – Skirting to go 5/8ths circumference $1,999 CAD $1,599 USD

7 ft diameter tubs – Skirting to go 6/10ths circumference $2,499 CAD $1,999 USD

Equipment box Tongue and groove cedar with a reinforced lid $499 CAD $399 USD

Steps for the Equipment Box $399 CAD $319 USD

Removable ladder and mounting hooks $269 CAD $219 USD


Prices are subject to change without notice.

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