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Forest Lumber & Cooperage Ltd.

shaw-forest-lumber-custoemrForest Lumber & Cooperage is the preeminent Western Red Cedar manufacturing company in Canada, offering superior craftsmanship on a variety of different products, including barrel hot tubs, water cisterns, and wood saunas. With 36 years of experience in the industry, our company offers an unparalleled level of expertise in every aspect of the project, from sawmilling to grading and fine finishing the wood hot tubs.

Throughout our 36 years in the industry, we have remained true to our small business principles, keeping a close eye on quality. When our clients call, they actually speak with the owner or the individual working on their project, ensuring they receive sound advice and reassurance that their specific needs are being met.

Additionally, our company is environmentally responsible, always following the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council. Western Red Cedar is our preferred wood species for building because of its resistance to decay and dimensional stability.

We handcraft our wooden barrel hot tubs in the traditional cooperage style of construction; this method has stood the test of time, having been utilized for hundreds of years for creating wine vats, water cisterns, and barrels.

The combination of the ageless beauty found in the finest Canadian Western Red Cedar and our rustic, old-style craftsmanship and construction is what allows for the creation of such high-quality wooden hot tubs. We are located just minutes from Victoria B.C. and conveniently ship worldwide!

Flat-vs-Vertical-GrainExclusive use of vertical grain

Cedar logs are milled to maximize on the amount of vertical grain that can be cut. The vertical grain lumber is more expensive because of its higher quality. We have recently switched over to using exclusively “vertical grain” Western Red Cedar for our hot tub floors and side staves. Vertical grain is much more stable than “flat grain”. It expands and contracts evenly, promoting a good seal. Flat grain has a tendency to warp and to crack when it dries. This can seriously affect the life span of the tub. The surface of flat grain can lift causing a rough surface and splinters. Most hot tub manufacturers use a mix of flat and vertical grain, like we did in the past. You will notice this in their photos. We are happy to announce our new improvement.

4 foot high tubs now get 4 stainless hoops instead of 3
Forest Lumber has decided that there is a benefit to using 4 hoops on a 4 foot high tub. This cuts down the space between the hoops giving more even pressure on the wood joints giving a better seal between the staves. It will also add extra years to the life span of the tub.

New wood tooling knives
These knives, that mould the staves (bead & cove pattern) and the floor material (tongue & groove) have been made by computer. You will be impressed by how tight the fit is between the staves and the floor boards!

Doing our part for the environment.

The FSC® Trademark identifies products which contain wood from well-managed forests certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council®

Rainforest Alliance sets standards for sustainability that conserve wildlife and wild lands and promote the well being of forest workers and their communities. For more information on Rainforest Alliance

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